Regio Oo(g)st

Muurtekening / Mural - Regio Oo(g)st Stad Diest

Tandem illustration

Tapirulan Tandem Contest

Campaign design

Campaign design and illustration for Museumnacht (museum night)

Yugen Kombucha
Package illustration

Artwork for Yugen Kombucha and their limited raspberry and cacao release.

Aldo & Rino
Picture book

Meet Aldo & Rino, two brothers with a strong mutual passion for grandma’s delicious cooking skills. When they have to share a dinner plate together and in particular a last spaghetto (a single strand of spaghetti), things go a little haywire…

Voor de nieuwe maan
Book illustration

We had the lovely opportunity to design the illustrations for the wonderful and original debut by Tine Lefebvre, titled 'Voor de nieuwe maan' (Before the new moon), published by Pelckmans. Out now in Flemish bookstores!

Hurt by time
Music video

Music video and animation for the song Hurt By Time by Is that all there is

Postcard series

A series of postcards we designed and illustrated for Pelckmans, a book publisher. The cards will be used internally to send out to partners, authors and illustrators, on various occasions.

Picture book

When Pia loses the most important page in her book, she wants to find it back as soon as possible. During the search she comes across plenty of unique characters, all with their own stories or cries for help, none of which draw Pia’s attention. Why is Pia, only occupied with her own problem, that missing page? Is she really that heartless as the others make her out to be? Readers who use all senses, will discover the full story.

Iedereen feest

Every year Orbit Vzw and Pelckmans publish a calendar that highlights the festive days of not just one, but of all groups and religions. We had the lovely opportunity to create the illustrations for the 2024 edition.

Uit de hand

Three of our fictional picture book characters taking over the library in the city of Hasselt with an illustrative exhibition.


Wine illustration

The letter M

Our letter ‘M’ for museum Villa Verbeelding and their expo 'The ABC room' with 26 illustrated letters by 26 different illustrators.

Saint Nicholas
Campaign illustration

Illustrative portrait of Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas), for his arrival in the city of Ghent.

Dieste Muziek
Music campaign

In February 2021, a national campaign was set up to support the Belgian Music sector during the difficult times of Covid-19. Because our hometown has so much musical activity of its own, we helped design a local spinoff campaign. Scan the QR and discover some musicians with roots in the city of Diest.

Mijn eerste leporello
Toddler book

So many new words to discover at a flea market, or on a dragon quest if you want to let the imagination run a bit more wild. On one side, these leporellos let toddlers discover some new words within a given theme, on the other side they offer a creative illustration to stimulate the imagination.

Pattern illustration

WPattern design and illustration for a series of wrapping papers by Lijstjestijd.

Lokale helden
Leaflet design

Poster and Leaflet design for the regional edition of Lokale Helden (Local Heroes) in the city of Diest. It’s an event where local musicians get to shine through performances all around the city in different venues.

Picture book

From his window Henry has the most beautiful view filled with lively nature, that in large contrast with the dull emptiness of the inside of his room. Maybe he can change that?

Speelplan Hasselt
Map design

All roads may lead to Rome, but in the city of Hasselt, all roads also lead to great playgrounds. This newly designed map helps children find all the best areas to play in around town.

De Duizendpoot
Wall art

An illustration we created for the primary school De Duizendpoot.

Zin in zomer
Campaign illustration

Zin In Zomer is a summer festival focusing on literature and illustration. We had the pleasure designing two campaign illustrations for the edition of 2022.

Car Free Sunday
Campaign design

Cammpaign poster and illustration created for the city of Vilvoorde and its Car Free Sunday event

Iedereen feest

This calendar published yearly by Orbit Vzw and Pelckmans Uitgevers highlights the festive days of not just one, but of all groups and religions. We had the lovely opportunity to create the illustrations for the 2021 edition.

Pelckmans Publishers
Campaign illustration

A campaign image and illustration that we created for Pelckmans Publishers.

Window expo


Each year Davidsfonds launches a new cultural guide with everything they have to offer. We had the lovely chance being chosen as the illustrator for the edition of 2019-2020.

Children's book

VIKTOR tells the story of a recreational hunter, one who suddenly is overwhelmed by a strong regret for one of his hunting deeds. To make up for it, he comes up with a clever plan to fill the gap on one of the animals’ lives he’s taken. The ISBN of the book is 9789461319180.

Mental Health

Two illustrations we created for a postcard project that wants to create more openness around mental health.

Als sneeuw
voor de zon
Picture book

Als Sneeuw Voor De Zon is a unique and endearing silent picture book about the difficulties of letting go. On a subject where words often fall short, the warm storytelling illustrations invite and embrace.

Fold Out Cards
Now available

Our signature foldable cards are now available in more themes.

Diest in het duister
Campaign design

On Halloween It gets spooky in the city of Diest: Creepy guided walks, late night shopping for those that dare, movies to make you shiver, … As a ‘sort of warning sign’, we were asked to design a haunting leaflet, poster and animation.

Campaign illustration

The campaign illustration for the Belgian Jeugdboekenmaand in 2019. It is one of the many projects set up by the organisation Iedereen Leest to stimulate and promote reading.

Music Score
Cover design

Cover design and illustration for a music score by viviane Logman.

fit voor lezen
poster design

A poster we designed and illustrated for Thomas More, with their researched tips and advice on how to get toddlers ready for reading as soon as they hit the first grade.

Cinema Paradiso

a new, authentic movie theater opened up in our hometown, named ‘Cinema Paradiso’ after the wonderful film by Giuseppe Tornatore. The theater is located on a former paratrooper base. We had the lucky chance to partly decorate the venue with two large illustrations, in which we both tried to capture the historical background of the location, as well as the magical aspect of film.
calendar design

Klasse calendar ‘Het eerste leerjaar’ - A calendar we designed and illustrated for, developed specifically for parents with children who are making the leap from kindergarten to first grade.

Vilvoorde Troostkermis
Poster design

Poster design for Vilvoorde’s Troostkermis 2017, by tradition with the illustration of a Belgian horse. ‘Vilvoorde Troostkermis’ is an annual fair organised by the city of Vilvoorde, famous for its ‘Jaarmarkt’, a day on which farmers gather and compete for a special price on having the most beautiful animal in their category.


Each year throughout spring and summer, the city of Bilzen organises a cosy and lively book market. We had the unique opportunity to create the 2017 campaign illustration.

Children's book

DUIF is a poetic visual children’s book telling the tender story of a young driven pigeon keeper, one who dreams of having his pigeon fly back home the very lengthy and surrealistic distance all the way from Moon to Earth. DUIF by Jacques & Lise, is published by Van Halewyck and created with the support of the Flemish Literature Fund. The ISBN of the book is 9789461317353.

Foorlinie Diest
Poster design

Campaign design and illustration for the Foorlinie, a Winter Market and Repair Café event in the city of Diest.

skateboard contest
Poster design

Poster design to promote a skateboarding contest

Jeugd diest
Poster design

A poster and illustration we designed for the youth organisation of the city of Diest. With this poster, meant to be displayed in schools and youth centres, the city wants to guide and help youngsters in organising parties and events.

Tom & Karlien
Wedding invitation

Wedding invitation design for the happy couple Tom & Karlien

Birth card series
Now available

Fold out cards with an original twist to bring a lovely birth announcement.

Iedereen moestuinier
editorial illustration

Various editorial illustrations for a booklet teaching some handy tips and tricks on growing your own food.

Nest Tuinen
Editorial illustration

Editorial illustrations for a Garden Special, spring issue of Nest Magazine. Develop a garden in such a manner, so that it can easily adapt according to future changes in your family life or family needs.

Winters Vilvoorde
Campaign design

Campaign design and illustration for Winters Vilvoorde 2018 - Spiegeltent

Nest Magazine
editorial illustration

Editorial illustration for Nest Magazine and an article on the hunt in Belgian regions.

De Bezetting

One of the pieces we created for the art festival De bezetting in the city of the Diest (BE). It is a mural showing the secret ingredient of a typical local dish, the Cruydtkoek, a green pancake made with the herb Tanacetum Vulgare.

Tea towel design

Tea towel design for our national Drug & Alcohol Helpline, serving as a subtle communication tool for parents and children to talk openly about the subject together. The idea of a tea towel came from the target audience, as they suggested that doing the dishes, is one of those rare daytime occasions where families still find the time for deeper conversations.

Prints 2018
Wall art

Various wall art and print designs between 2017-2018

Promotional design

Promotional design for The campaign consists of a brochure, cards, and a series of animated gifs for usage as ads on social media.

birth cards
custom designs

Custom birth card designs later 2017 - early 2018

Children's book

Oskar is a unique children’s book without words, but full of visual discovery. For the young and old creative mind, to read alone or together. Oskar by Jacques & Lise, is published by Van Halewyck and created with the support of the Flemish Literature Fund. The ISBN of the book is 9789461315359.

Lol Met Wol
Poster design

Poster and Flyer design for knitting exhibition Lol Met Wol

Character design

Character illustration for the bakery Bakkersdochter located in the city of Hasselt

Pelckmans Info Sessions
Character design

A character and animation we designed for Pelckmans, publisher of educational books. The illustrations will be announcing and promoting info sessions that teachers can attend to view new published materials.

Children's book

Jacques & Lise did the illustration and graphic design of the children’s book Het Prullalamonster, a story in Dutch written by Jean-Paul Mulders, published by Abimo. The ISBN of the book is 9789462341500. The German translated version is called Das Müffelmonster Brüllala, and has been published by Bohem Press, it can be found by the ISBN 9789462341500. The English translated version version is called The Pruwahaha Monster, and has been publisched by Kids Can Press, it can be found by the ISBN 9789462341500.

Off the record

Animation design for a tv spot on Canvas. We were asked to create two illustration sequences for the project.

Birth cards
Custom designs

Birth card designs for Kasper, Emil and Appoline

ABC van
Gaston Durnez
Children's book

Children’s book Het ABC van Gaston Durnez is a wonderful and original alphabet book where text and image take you on a fun and witty adventure from A to Z. Written by renowned author Gaston Durnez, and with more than thirty unique Jacques & Lise illustrations, playful compositions and other visual treats. The book is published by Abimo and can be found by the ISBN 9789462344082.

Campaign illustration

An online series of illustrations for the drug helpline

Kom op
tegen kanker
Card series

A series of illustrated cards suitable for various occasions, designed for a project that will be selling them to raise money for the charity organisation around cancer Kom op tegen Kanker.

Zij zijn God niet
Book cover design

Book cover design and illustration for the title ‘Zij zijn God niet’, written by Roger Vanhoeck, published by Abimo.

Miel & Tuur
Birth card design

Birth card design to announce the twins Miel and Tuur, by the use of a special unfoldable card.