Frequently asked questions

Selling our books or greetings cards in your shop:

We distribute our own greeting cards, feel free to contact us with your wholesale questions. As for the books, we can get you in touch with the publisher that distributes them.

Do you offer internships?

It would be great to be able and provide room for internships, but as a small team working from a home studio environment, our space and time is a bit too limited to create dedicated learning experiences on the side. Hopefully sometime in the future!


Do you still create personalised illustrations?

No, we have taken a break from personalised illustration such as that for birth announcement cards, wedding invitations, ... As for birth announcement cards, we now work with a fixed series of designs instead. See here.

Adding a sibling to the birth announcement cards:

Are you interested in one of the designs of our birth card series, but you want an extra little brother or sister added? Don't worry, we got that covered with subtle variations of each design.

Are your older personalised designs available for reuse?

No, they are not. All of these designs from the past, were once created uniquely for a one time use only. Therefor they are unavailable for adaptation. Any illegal copying or imitation of the designs, of the illustrations as well as of the (unique foldable card) concepts, is a reason for us to file an official complaint on behalf of copyright infringement.